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TPN signs enterprising provider to major logistics groups

Basingstoke-based CWM Transport says TPN was the only network it would consider based on service quality and resilience during COVID lockdown

14 September 2020 Minworth UK:   TPN – THE Pallet Network, has signed new-to-networks Basingstoke-based CWM Transport after the owners indicated they would like to diversify.

The two-year-old company, which has developed an excellent reputation for providing dedicated full- load haulage between depots for major logistics groups, such as Fedex/TNT and Amazon, goes live on 14 September.

CWM director Carl Wood says drops in freight volumes during the COVID lockdown made him realise the importance of diversifying from the full-load haulage the company specialised in.

“During lockdown we were still delivering for major customers but the only network we saw on the motorways was TPN. That told me which network to call,” he says. “And a very profitable call it was.”

He continues: “I worked as a driver for 20+ years after leaving the army, and I’ve been in and out of many Hubs. Some of the networks aren’t very professional at all. By contrast TPN’s Hub operation is very well organised.”

CWM is growing fast, with another five vehicles and two trailers on order for September delivery.

“We believe strongly in investing in the right tools for the job, and performing to a very high standard,” says Wood. “Palletised freight distribution will be a different skill set for us, but TPN’s onboarding procedure is so thorough that we’ll all be completely familiar with every aspect of it by the time we start.”

TPN MD Mark Duggan says: “We are very pleased to welcome such an agile and energetic young company to the network. I have no doubt they will be an asset to TPN and we in turn will set them up for success.

“COVID has shown us that the right pallet network can provide a lifeline not only to its haulage partners but also to those customers whose volumes fell below full-load levels,” says Duggan. “We have always believed that network freight should be one part of a wider haulage portfolio for most of our partners because that offers them and their customers’ maximum resilience and security.”

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About TPN

TPN – THE Pallet Network — is the UK’s leading pallet network, comprising more than 117 of the top regional transport firms and circa 132 depot locations. In 2019 it shipped 4.6m pallets. TPN has sector-leading IT systems, and a dedicated, daytime, out-of-gauge freight service, TPN XL and an enhanced international service TPN XPort. It believes in continual improvement and excellence, promoting both commercial and environmental sustainability. It is based at Prologis Park Midpoint, Sutton Coldfield and has two regional Hubs, one near Preston and the other in Northampton.

For further information on TPN, contact:  MD Mark Duggan on 0121 313 4013/07736 426 210 or email

More information about CWM Transport

CWM incorporated in 2018, and is based in Basingstoke. It quickly developed a reputation for reliable service and specialised in depot-to-depot trailer movements for major logistics groups such as Fedex, TNT and Amazon. Its mixed marque fleet is growing rapidly and another seven vehicles are on order in September.

For more information on CWM Transport, please call Director Carl Wood on 07411 783457 or email




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