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Turf mega-brand says it doesn’t get better than Malco Freight and THE Pallet Network

Harrowden Turf, the new trading name for a merger of four top turf brands, is relying on TPN Member Malco Freight and the TPN network to deliver hundreds of pallets of turf a night across the UK.

When Harrowden Group brought Spearhead Turf, Q Lawns, Stewarts Turf and Turfland all under one banner, it needed a premium transport supplier which could manage both high volumes and the very challenging mix of residential, professional and top-end retail customers. It chose Malco Freight.

“We decided on Malco Freight because of the work MD Alison Jeffries has put in to make sure that our delivery operation is as good as it can possibly be. Turf is a heavy and difficult product,” he says. “We simply could not do our jobs daily if it weren’t for the efforts of Malco Freight and TPN. I have a background in pallet networks, and I honestly think most pallet networks would creak if we asked them to handle our delivery portfolio. That TPN doesn’t is testament to the hard work of Malco Freight and their fellow depots.”

Harrowden’s clients need on-time deliveries because turf requires resource to manage it as soon as it arrives. It’s not only heavy but a living product. Furthermore, major retailers typically have very tight delivery windows and penalties for non-compliance.

The company sells turf and associated products all year with sales peaking between Easter and the end of summer.

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