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TPN’s sector leadership attracts long-term backing from Eddie Stobart Logistics

TPN – THE Pallet Network – was acquired by Eddie Stobart Logistics (ESL) this summer, and TPN MD Mark Duggan says the move promises to open a new range of opportunities and benefits for the network’s Members and customers.

“There are all kinds of ways in which our Members, their customers and Eddie Stobart customers will benefit from our joining the ESL family,” says Duggan. “We are looking forward to exploring those synergies and opportunities, but we already know they will make us more efficient, more cost-effective and give us the tools we need to realise TPN’s long-term strategy.

“We are delighted to be in a long-term complementary partnership,” he adds.

There are a number of immediate operational synergies which Duggan says will help the network to maintain its high-quality, low-cost operating model. “The breadth of capabilities within Eddie Stobart will help to accelerate TPN’s evolution and ensure that our Members and their customers retain a competitive advantage,” he says.

TPN and its Members will enjoy efficiencies from ESL’s substantial procurement advantages and land holdings.

“TPN is committed to offering a peak-proof operation regardless of the relentless growth in pallet volumes,” says Duggan. “That means that we are always looking ahead to anticipate future customer requirements, and to ensure that TPN Members have everything they need to deliver service excellence.”

The management and ethos of TPN will not change, he says. “We’ll still be committed to excellence, retain our focus on customer service, and on meeting the needs of our Members.”

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