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THE Pallet Network's  (TPN) pallet recycling scheme has saved more than 80 tonnes of broken and end of-life-pallets from landfill in its first two months.

The scheme allows TPN's Partner hauliers to take expired pallets to the Hub using empty space in their trunk vehicles. They are collected from the Hub and sent to be re-used as chipboard or burned in carbon-neutral power stations. The scheme is entirely free to TPN's Partners.

The pallet recycling scheme was launched in mid-July and had already saved 80.4 tonnes of pallets by the end of September.

Hauliers usually have to pay to dispose of broken pallets and there are few environmentally friendly options open to them. The scheme also saves TPN Partners money, prevents unnecessary waste and lowers the carbon footprint for the whole supply chain, including TPN customers.

TPN MD Mark Duggan says: “We always seek solutions which benefit everyone, because that guarantees success. We’re very pleased to have pioneered a solution for the industry and would love to inspire other companies to do the same.”

TPN worked hard to make its pallet recycling plan a reality, despite the enormous challenges to everyone in the UK of the COVID pandemic. "This year has tested everyone's ingenuity and resolve in all manner of ways," says Duggan. "However it's very important to keep sight of other ambitions and goals. It is still important to minimise the environmental impact we have, as well as to keep producing innovative solutions for our Partners' operational challenges. 

"We are very glad we launched this scheme, and have been thrilled at how successful and popular it has been."

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