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THE Pallet Network's pallet recycling scheme, which allows hauliers to bring broken or end of life pallets to the Hub for recycling free of charge, is a finalist in the Motor Transport Awards Low Carbon category.

TPN is the only pallet network to be a finalist in any category this year.

The recycling scheme started last July and has since recycled 515 tonnes of expired wood. The broken pallets go to make MDF or are used as fuel in carbon-neutral energy generation.

The scheme is very important environmentally for the following reasons:

  • In total 41.1 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste goes into landfill annually in the UK. 
  • Pallet networks deliver 28 million pallets a year in the UK - and all network Partners accumulate broken or expired pallets
  • To send these pallets to commercial landfill costs £94.75 per tonne (April 2020 figures)
  • Hauliers' other option is to burn them. Wood releases almost twice its dry weight in CO2 when burned (because trees are so good at 'drinking' atmospheric carbon over many years). Clearly burning pallets is not a good option environmentally.
  • Wood burning also contributes up to particulate pollution, with domestic wood burners responsible for between 23 and 31% of all PM2.5 in inner cities.

The TPN recycling scheme is designed to inspire positive environmental action throughout logistics. Our 130 Partner depots in the UK have greater awareness of the issues and a sustainable method of dealing with this problematic waste stream. 

Furthermore our sister network in Ireland has opened a similar service for its 24 haulier Partners, and repurposes the broken pallets to run its own carbon-friendly power generator. 

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