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TPN has worked with specialist manufacturer Luminati to source reusable, full-face visors for its Hub-based keyworkers and Member teams.

The visors will help to protect drivers and other workers from possible Covid-19 infection. They will be used alongside the other recommended Covid-19 PPE, and standard transport safety clothing, such as hi-vis jackets. The visors can be cleaned with anti-bacterial products or soap and water.

Luminati, which normally specialises in more corporate merchandise such as creative retail cases, cabinets, frames and lecterns, was approached by the NHS to design and manufacture visors to counter the current shortfall.

“We are producing 15,000 of these for the NHS at a rate of 3,000 per day,” says sales manager Gayle Davie. “We are also creating new products, such as a sealed visor unit, which will be available at the end of next week.”

TPN has taken an initial order of 800 visors which will be dispersed between Hub teams and Member depots. TPN Member Plymouth-based HT Gardner collected them free of charge on behalf of the whole network.

TPN Members can order the visors on the TPN Shop, a shared resource space. So far, says TPN network developer Kerry Rayner, the orders are coming in rapidly.

“We have been doing all we can to keep our staff and Member teams safe, particularly drivers who must work in public spaces,” she says. “These visors are an important addition to the PPE we can offer them.

“We’d like to thank Luminati for their quick response to our enquiry,” says Kerry. “We’re also grateful to Kevin Gardner and the HT Gardner team, for reminding us once again what #OneTeamTPN means in practice.”

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