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TPN processes its 30 millionth pallet

In the third week of October 2017, TPN —THE Pallet Network — will send its 30 millionth pallet since the operation began.

TPN was founded in 2000 in an old aircraft hangar near Doncaster, with the aim of providing a cost-effective and reliable palletised distribution solution. Today it ships 75,000-plus pallets a week.

It also has the largest and most loyal membership of any UK pallet network, with 105 Member companies and 121 depot locations throughout the UK. More than 60% of TPN’s Members have been with the network for over 10 years – not because of contractual obligation but because it enhances their business.

TPN expects its 30 millionth pallet to pass through its 367,500m2 purpose-built Sutton Coldfield Hub on 16 October.

“We’ve experienced tremendous growth over the past two years,” says MD Mark Duggan. “We’ve invested continuously in our facilities and our operation in order to make sure that the volumes we experience don’t compromise our service levels.

“We are very proud that as our 30 millionth pallet passes through the Hub our service KPIs are still sector-leading,” he concludes.

TPN’s IT system Connect is just one of the reasons that service levels remain high. The in-house system offers complete visibility of pallets from job input through to ePOD and invoice for both Member hauliers and their customers.

For recent recruit to the network EDG Group, this was one of the key factors behind its choice of network. “TPN’s IT system is fantastic,” says Jamie Cracknell, EDG operations manager. “And it’s constantly evolving with new functionality. We are very impressed with how the network supports its hauliers and the potential this kind of technology gives us.”

TPN – We are THE Pallet Network.

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