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TPN network is a monument to stability in uncertain times

Half of TPN’s almost 100-strong Membership has been with the network for more than 10 years, producing one of the most stable transport operations in the business.In a sector with rapid turnover and uncertain progress, TPN is proud to announce that 50% of its UK Members have been part of the network for 10 years, contributing not only to stability of its operation but to the continual improvement of TPN’s offering.

TPN MD Adam Leonard says that one of TPN’s priorities has always been to ensure the financial security and good governance of Member companies so that freight customers are not let down.

“It is a turbulent sector and we are very proud to have attracted many of the strongest and best regional transport companies in the UK to TPN. Their individual strength and their commitment to the network can be seen in their long service,” he says.

According to financial expert Experian, the UK transport industry lost more than 700 firms in both 2011 and 2012 and the number of insolvencies only dropped 6% by the end of August 2013. This ongoing cull of vulnerable companies underlines the importance for freight customers of choosing transport suppliers with a proven track record and excellent pedigree, says Leonard.

“We are proud of our stability and strength as a network but this goes beyond financial stability,” he says. “Once they have joined TPN, our Member companies stay because they believe in our shared mission – to provide excellent service at sensible rates to UK plc. TPN looks after its Members and together we look after all our customers.

“Our decade-long Memberships are the very definition of sustainable business,” he says.

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