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TPN KPIs prove ‘peak-proof performance’ during record-setting periods

THE Pallet Network’s Hub and Members processed record volumes of pallets during the Easter peak, yet says MD Mark Duggan, network performance was outstanding. He attributes the very high turnaround times and KPI scores to the network’s policy of continual improvement.

“We have been working very hard towards a peak-proof performance model for months now, and while we were confident that we had achieved excellent even in the face of relentless growth, Easter was always going to be our toughest challenge,” he says. “Despite record-breaking pallet volumes night after night, the Hub teams finished earlier than ever and the Members achieved outstanding delivery scores against our KPIs throughout the network. We are extremely proud of this.”

Easter is traditionally a very taxing period in the pallet network sector, with huge seasonal volumes condensed into a brutally short time-frame. TPN typically processes in excess of 85,000 pallets a week but the pre-Easter week saw normal nightly figures smashed repeatedly.

Regardless of the volumes the Hub operations loaded, sorted and dispatched the pallets more quickly than usual, and Member delivery KPIs remained at the very top of the sector with consistently strong performance.

“We have the best postcode coverage in the UK, great Hub facilities, and our members are trained, supported and audited to ensure streamlined and highly professional processes,” says Duggan. “Our insistence upon excellence and the thousand individual steps we have taken to ensure excellence, have been proven by this undisputable peak-proof performance.”

He says that as a result morale in the network and in the individual TPN teams is at an all-time high. “All of our people are very proud of what we have achieved, and more determined to prove we are THE pallet network than ever before.”

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