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Starlings moves heaven and earth for topsoil producer Bailey’s of Norfolk

Norfolk topsoil, with its high quality and fine texture, is in great demand around the UK by builders, landscapers and gardeners. Bailey’s of Norfolk is one of the largest topsoil specialists in the UK, supplying soil, sand and specialist dressings for sports arenas and bowling greens. It relies on TPN Member Starlings Transport to see its heavy, bagged product delivered around the country.

“Starlings is very good,” says MD Adrian Bailey. “They offer a cost-effective service, which is important but we take the view that there is no point choosing cheaply if that means letting down your customers. They are very responsive and reliable.”

Bailey’s uses its own printers to produce the barcoded pallet labels straight from TPN’s IT system TPN Connect, which he says makes the process very fast and easy.

“We book jobs online, print our own labels and the job’s done,” says Bailey.

The product tends to be shipped in builders bags of one tonne, or in smaller 25kg bags if the customer requires it. Most can be sent by economy delivery but some customers need them next day. “We have builders and landscapers who are waiting for the topsoil and a late delivery would interrupt their work,” says Bailey. “Starlings is extremely organised and in the three years we’ve used them, I don’t think they have ever let us down.”

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