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Pensioner couple praises TWE driver for Rock and Stone service

York-based Rock and Stone has used TPN Member YDL for several years to send its ornamental stone and paving products to landscape gardeners, retail outlets and residences throughout the UK.  The company is under new management as it was recently bought up by the specialist builders’ merchant Brick and Stone owned by Michael Barker, based on the same estate.

Barker needs to be sure that the delivery mechanism for his new company is sound. “We use YDL several times a week and they seem very good. We have few problems given the volume of work we put through.”

The products themselves tend to be awkward shapes, heavy and need careful handling.

One recent item, a stone table, was recently delivered to the address of an elderly couple in Oxfordshire. The table would have left Rock and Stone in York in a YDL truck, been taken to the TPN Hub in the Midlands and from there given into the care of Banbury-based TWE Haulage.

Around midday on the 13 April, just hours after leaving Rock and Stone, the table arrived at its new home. The recipients later asked for TWE’s email address and sent their commendations to the driver.

“Yesterday you delivered a stone table for us… I just wanted to say how helpful your delivery driver was. By chance we returned home just in time to meet him… We had not been able to organise extra help with the delivery of such a heavy item and we are both pensioners. In the end, all was well. Please pass on our thanks and commendation to your driver for his professionalism and help. I am sorry, we should have asked his name.”

TWE Haulage general manager Terry Walke says: “We employ professional drivers and that doesn’t just mean they are qualified to drive a truck but that they are trained in customer service. Our work for TPN customers is not complete until those pallets are delivered, and our customers need their customers to be happy and come back for more. That’s what we attempt to do, every time.”




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