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Oxford Carriers chooses to join TPN for service and sector-leading IT systems

Witney-based Oxford Carriers has joined TPN – THE Pallet Network in order to secure the best palletised distribution services in the UK for its customers.

MD David Everett says that the company surveyed the pallet network sector carefully before making its choice. “We needed a pallet network which could handle high and growing volumes while maintaining excellent service levels,” he says. “The TPN network seemed to us by far the best fit for the reliability and high customer service levels we aim to offer our clients.”

TPN MD Mark Duggan says: “We are very pleased that Oxford Carriers has become the latest top-flight distribution company to join TPN. It will be a valuable addition to our presence in the Oxfordshire area.”

Oxford Carriers started working with TPN on 26 October after some weeks’ preparation.

TPN has rigorous standards for Member companies, which are audited annually to ISO 9001 standards. Duggan says Oxford Carriers is exactly the kind of operational and cultural fit he is looking for in a Member.

“Oxford Carriers has experience, expertise and is extremely motivated to provide excellent customer service,” he says.

Everett says he particularly wanted a network which offered best-in-sector IT both for Oxford Carriers and for his clients. “Logistics customers today want and need real-time visibility of their freight, and electronic proof of delivery, both of which TPN offers. But more than that, its IT system, TPN Connect, lets our clients work quickly, directly and with a minimum of admin time or duplicated effort. It’s a great system and it gives our customers complete control of their freight.”

Everett says he thinks the move to TPN will be extremely positive for both Oxford Carriers and its customers. “Oxford Carriers has decades of experience and we know good when we see it. Many of our customers have been with us a very long time and it matters to us that we offer them only the best.”

Oxford Carriers is already investing in this new relationship, and the enthusiasm it expects its customers to have for it, with an extra 30,000 sq ft of warehousing.

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