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Meter Provida made a smart choice with Hallam Express: “They can’t be bettered”

Staveley-based Meter Provida offers a unique service to utility companies and their installation partners throughout the UK. And it does it with the help of local TPN Member Hallam Express.

Meter Provida supplies the smart meters, consumables and apps which are necessary for residences and businesses to take better control of their energy usage, and it works with energy providers big and small. However, it also offers them reverse logistics, meaning that old meters can be collected, recycled or renewed, rather than ending up in landfill.

Meter Provida sends about 70 pallets of goods out each night. It fulfils the orders and loads the Hallam Express trailer which stands in its yard. Hallam also collects most of the old meters in bulk loads.

“We’ve used Hallam Express for three years. When we recently put our logistics out to tender as part of our continual improvement programme, they couldn’t be bettered,” says Meter Provida head of operations Richard Green. “They offer us an extremely flexible service, they solve problems and our relationship with them is great.”

He says everyone in the company seems committed to offering great customer service, which is also an important part of the Meter Provida ethos and strategy. “We are not always the easiest clients, and, to be fair, neither are our customers – and yet Hallam Express always tries to meet our needs.”

“We have ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 and we take them very seriously. We want a transport supplier who matches our drive for excellence,” says Richard. “Hallam Express does that. We can have honest, constructive conversations about how we or they could do better, or problems that may occur and that’s very valuable.”

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