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Logistics expert EDG Group chooses TPN

Basildon-based contract logistics expert EDG Group has finished shopping for the best pallet network to complete its portfolio of logistics services – and chosen TPN—THE Pallet Network.

EDG, which has an £18m turnover and handles 40,000+ consignments a day across its business, had decided that pallet network membership would strategically enhance its services portfolio.

“We have handled palletised freight distribution before for some of the major European freight forwarders and 3PLs and we decided it would make sense to develop our own brand and client base within this area,” says operations manager Jamie Cracknell.

“We spoke with other pallet networks but when we spoke with TPN, there was simply no need to keep looking,” he says.

Cracknell’s experience is that many networks want a large investment from new companies simply to join, or prioritise the network’s benefit above that of the Member. “TPN was honest, straight forward and very upfront – they have a no nonsense approach.”

“TPN MD Mark Duggan made it clear that this is about mutual support and benefit. TPN has affordable joining fees and is working closely with us to help us establish a balanced, sustainable trading model,” he says.

However, TPN’s helpful approach wasn’t the most compelling attraction for Cracknell. “TPN’s IT system is fantastic,” he says. “I’m very interested in technology and its potential within our business. We’re very keen and proud to be using something as good as TPN Connect.”

TPN Connect offers hauliers a complete freight management system from job booking to ePOD and invoice, but it also gives customers a complete booking and tracking solution. Both have complete visibility of pallets right across the network.

TPN provides its Connect system to its Members for free to use across as much of their business as they wish in addition to their TPN work.

Impressive business

EDG Group has specialised in newspaper distribution for 25 years, also managing print sites for major publishers. It takes 250,000 copies of The Financial Times and The Guardian into RDCs for Smith News and John Menzies plc. It also runs a major secure mail contract within the M25.

“We own 70 vehicles from vans to 44-tonners plus running up to 150 a day through subcontractors,” says Cracknell. “We have a fleet which is already geared toward night and day operation and we have highly skilled drivers used to following stringent customer demands. It makes sense for us to join forces with a good pallet network.”

EDG Group is now putting its own livery on vehicles for the first time. Cracknell says there is one other benefit to the move to TPN.

“Our drivers love it,” he says. “They come in at 7.00am, load and by 7.30am they are dropping consignments in Harlow. They can be back in the yard by 3.00pm. I know we’ll become busier but they still much prefer the work to slogging to Portsmouth before dawn.”

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