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Leeds homelessness charity gets seasonal boost from TPN’s first charity drive winner

Millshaw Park-based Leeds Parcel Company (LPC) is making a generous donation to the St George’s Crypt, a Leeds-based homelessness charity. LPC is part of TPN – THE Pallet Network and the money comes from TPN’s latest charity drive to raise money for local causes.

Sutton Coldfield-based TPN has 105 member companies around the UK, each of which pledges £10 a month to the charity  ‘pot’. At least half of the money must go to a charitable cause of the winning Member’s choice, although they are allowed to use part or all of the remainder to reward their TPN teams.

“We have chosen to give most of our ‘winnings’ –£700 – to St George’s Crypt. Homelessness is a very serious issue, and this time of year is particularly difficult for people without homes, both in terms of the freezing weather and the holiday season,” says LPC MD Dave Wilby.

“St George’s does fantastic work and they need as much support as the community can give them,” he adds.

St George’s Crypt offers meals, laundry services and washing facilities every day between 11am and 1pm. It also provides beds for approximately 40 people a night.

“Donations make a huge difference to us and we make the money go a very long way,” says St George’s support worker Olivia Quick. “Many homeless people feel invisible. Often they have no access to family and friends and if you do not have a home, you are not allowed to keep your children with you,” she says. “We give them food and a safe place but, just as importantly, we give them somewhere to feel human again and not to be so alone.”

TPN MD Mark Duggan says: “We are very proud of this initiative. Our network is made up of more than 100 of the best transport companies in the UK and all of them are very committed to working in their local communities and all have favourite charities they support.

“The TPN Charity Drive is a way we can work collectively to raise funds and awareness for charities, but still keep that local connection between our Members and the causes that matter to them,” he says.

One regional Member of the TPN network will be randomly chosen each month to receive the pot and donate at least £500 to a cause of their choice.

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