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Jonen Shipping joins TPN, citing ESL ownership as a major attraction

Essex and Leicester-based international freight specialist Jonen Shipping has joined TPN – THE Pallet Network, saying the long-term financial commitment of Eddie Stobart Logistics to the health of the network was a major attraction.

Jonen, which was established in 1972, had been a Palletline member since 2007. It decided to review its options following territory changes in the network. “There were only three networks we would even consider, but TPN was clearly the best fit for us,” says Jonen director John Hodges. “We have worked with TPN for a month now, and the ethos of the Hub and Members fits well with our own. We’re really happy.”

Jonen started working with TPN in December 2018. Hodges says that unlike his previous network experience, the TPN Hub is still providing substantial operational support and training to the team.

“We have one of TPN’s key support team working with us until we are absolutely comfortable with the protocols and the IT, which is great for continuity of service to our customers,” says Hodges.

While TPN’s membership offering was attractive in its own right, Hodges says it was the Eddie Stobart connection which clinched the deal. ESL acquired TPN in June 2018 and Member benefits are already apparent.

“We are intrigued by the possibilities of network ownership by a major 3PL,” he says. “It brings advantages over private equity finance, not least that Eddie Stobart has a long-term interest in our sector and a commitment to the network.”

Jonen will cover Enfield, Loughton, Harlow and parts of East London. TPN’s policy of creating small, sustainable delivery areas to ensure high service levels appealed to the company.

“One of the benefits of our move to TPN has been a better working pattern for our employees, particularly less stressful journeys for our delivery drivers. They are already happier,” says Hodges. “We believe that job satisfaction goes hand in hand with commercial success and we are already reaping the benefits.”

Jonen Shipping was established as a freight forwarder in 1972 and specialises in continental and global imports and exports. They have been working with the same overseas agents in excess of 20 years and are looking forward to building similar long-term relationships with TPN members.

TPN MD Mark Duggan says: “We are delighted to welcome Jonen Shipping to TPN. We have a long pipeline of prospective Members but we are always looking for the right cultural fit. We want long- term sustainable relationships based on an ethos of excellent customer service.”

“You don’t often hear of companies leaving TPN,” says Hodges. “This tells its own story.”

“Even though we have added many new Members in the past few years, more than 60% of our Membership has been with us for over a decade,” says Duggan. “That’s not contractual. It’s because of our culture, based on excellence, trust and respect. We aim to protect and nurture Members’ businesses.”

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