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John Pearce Glynneath provides experience for injured soldiers

South Wales haulier John Pearce Glynneath has partnered with Recovery Career Services, the charity which helps injured servicemen and women make the transition into civilian life.

John Pearce MD Clive Davies has said that if any ex-service personnel living in his area want work experience in a range of activities, such as administration, driving or vehicle maintenance, the company will provide them with an opportunity.

“Clive has really driven this forward but we all believe it is important,” says HR manager Mark Cairns. “We have so far given a driver work experience who has now joined another company, and a mechanic who we have taken on. We’ve also offered an opportunity to a woman who would like to do office work.

“These people have protected us all. The least we can do is give them some help in settling back into normal life.”

Many service personnel joined the forces at a young age and have not experienced a working environment outside the military. The army will provide training and support for whatever career they choose next, so Cairns says they are a good prospect for employers. “They are very hard working people who cannot just sit on a sofa for the rest of their lives because they have had to retire from active service,” he says.

The charity could provide a good source of employees for the logistics sector which is facing a recruitment crisis. Not only does the military fill more than half the logistics apprenticeships undertaken in the UK, but it typically turns out skilful and motivated individuals.

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