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THE Pallet Network (TPN) is successfully sending four trailer loads a day into Dublin and a further three into Belfast, and has been running successful and numerous daily loads since the beginning of January.

Head of commercial services Ian Large says this puts TPN considerably ahead of its competition in the pallet network sector and the wider logistics industry, as too many other logistics operations are leaving customers unsupported.

“We have customs-integrated IT systems and we’ve set up extensive support options for customers, including a dedicated central team and brokerage support,” he says. “This makes all the difference when you want every clearance to go smoothly. Too many other logistics operations are under-estimating the level of support customers need.”

SPS products – of animal and plant origin – are particularly challenging for customers who often do not know their product falls within the rules. However, TPN continue to work with its partners and educate them in the requirements.

“We consolidate all of our SPS products into a specific load so that the entire trailer can be inspected and passed for clearance at the port,” he says. “This means the lengthier procedures do not slow down our other freight."

Large gives great credit to TPN Ireland, its sister network in Dublin, Independent Cargo Express & AM Nexday. “Their support and commitment to keeping our freight moving between Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and the Republic has been invaluable.”

In 2020 TPN and TPN Ireland collaborated to roll TPN’s comprehensive IT platform Connect out across all Irish Partner companies, giving transparency and shared data for all consignments either side of the Irish Sea.

“Our early investment in making our IT systems customs-functional and consistent between ourselves and our EU partners has been a boon in delivering friction-free GB to Ireland freight for our customers.”

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