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GPT customer says TPN service is purr-fect

TPN member Rochdale-based GPT Logistics has provided rapid delivery of 39,000 bags of cat litter which are distributed to supermarkets, pet stores and cat charities.

Midas Products UK has seen a significant increase in orders during the lockdown period and has relied on the TPN network through local Member GPT to ensure that these stocks are delivered throughout the UK.

“We're handling all of Midas' deliveries with 75% of them going through TPN and the rest as dedicated loads. Midas is very impressed with our service levels. And, as almost 120 bags fit on one pallet, it becomes a very cost-effective delivery for the customer,” says GPT transport manager Paul Shaw.

“Items like this as essential for homeowners at the moment, especially as vets have advised keeping cats indoors during the lockdown period, to prevent other members of the public petting them,” says Shaw.

Midas' Bio-Catolet is also an environmentally friendly product, made from 100% recycled paper and completely biodegradable.

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