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GC Distribution has struck a deal to save TPN Partners almost 25% of their AdBlue costs, with the product being shipped out through the network. For an even bigger saving, TPN is allowing the empty containers to come back through the network for free for refilling.

Recent inflationary pressures have seen the cost of AdBlue, an additive necessary for truck emissions control, leap almost 400%. It has now reached circa £1,000 per 1,000 litres – an amount which would last 30 trucks approximately two weeks.

TPN Partners can buy the additive for £775 per 1,000 litres.

Graham Paine, MD of GC Distribution, says: “The cost of almost every aspect of our operations is climbing. AdBlue has increased its cost fourfold since 2021, as it is made from ethanol which is a by-product of natural gas.”

TPN Partners and the Hub are exploring more ways they can work together to control spiralling logistics costs which have a negative impact on network operations, customers and the UK cost of living.

TPN Partners who would like to participate in the scheme can contact GC Distribution directly.

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