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GC Express, an associate company of TPN Partner GC Distribution, has become part of the select number of companies to win FORS Gold, the highest accolade of the voluntary logistics standard.

The Purfleet-based company enjoys many London-based and construction-sector contracts and so proving complete legal compliance and sector-leading safety is extremely important to its operation.

GC Group’s FORS champion Claire Rickards says the company achieved FORS Bronze in 2012 and FORS Silver in 2014. This involved fitting safety features to its fleet such as blind spot cameras and audible alarms for the protection of vulnerable road users.

Since the company embarked on its FORS journey it has seen many benefits and that improvement is continual. Claire says that between 2019 and 2020 the fleet has seen a 2% reduction in fuel use; almost 20% cut in emissions pollutants including N0x, CO2 and particulates; and a reduction in on-road incidents.

The company has also undertaken extensive driver training to ensure that drivers are more protective and aware of vulnerable road users; minimise noise pollution when driving, parking, loading or unloading; and benefit from all the onboard safety equipment which helps them to be more aware of the hazards around them.

“It is extremely important to lots of our clients that we are FORS compliant, and it has brought us substantial benefits, including in our fleet insurance,” says Rickards. “It made sense for us to keep going on this journey and proving exactly how good we are. We are very proud to have achieved this accolade and we’ll continue to make our fleet as sustainable and safety-conscious as possible.”

Although a separate company, legally and operationally, GC Express shares GC Distribution's operating base, and the two companies have a common shareholder.

TPN Partner GC Distribution also expects to achieve FORS Gold in the near future.

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