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FS Distribution takes on new Hemel Hempstead postcode areas for TPN

Thame-based FS Distribution has planned a new phase of growth in 2017, following its successful integration into the TPN network in August of last year. Part of this growth is an expansion of its delivery area to cover more of the HP (Hemel Hempstead) postcode.

“Joining TPN marks an important stage in the evolution of FS Distribution as a company,” says MD David Vernau. “We had a substantial fleet and warehousing facilities, and a comprehensive range of logistics services. Partnering with TPN allowed us to complement and complete that range of services with pallet distribution. Expanding the postcode area we deliver to gives us much better drop density and it therefore makes the whole operation more sustainable.”

FS Distribution will now service HP 1-5 and HP23, as well as its original areas of HP6-9, HP14-22 and HP27. Vernau says the company carefully matches the type of vehicle and delivery run to the type of customer and area. “We send smaller vehicles into Aylesbury, but we have many customers on specific industrial estates and so we can deliver to them all together from a single artic,” he says.

Kevin Vaughan of TPN’s network development team says: “FS Distribution passed its TPN audit first time with flying colours which is very impressive considering how difficult it is to pass.”

The 35-year-old company, which originally manufactured and distributed horseshoes, has grown into a full-service logistics operation. FS Distribution also has expertise in event stand and vehicle design, construction and operation. This speciality developed out of its one-time focus on the event and marketing industry, for which it transported a wide range of promotional materials.

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