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European road freight specialist ICS ventures into networks with TPN

Smethwick-based ICS Distribution has decided to turn its extensive road freight and import expertise to pallet network distribution for the first time, joining TPN – THE Pallet Network.

The company, which has developed an impressive business working with European importers, and specialisms in hanging garments, bonded freight movements, warehousing and contract logistics, said it accepted TPN’s invitation to join the network.

“We are very well known in logistics and have a strong business so we haven’t looked at networks before,” says transport manager Sid Hill. “However, TPN has a very strong offering, with sustainable, solid performance and excellent numbers. We thought it was the right time in our development and theirs for us to join the network.”

ICS is covering Coventry postcodes and a small part of Birmingham. It runs a fleet of 45 tractors, plus a range of smaller vehicles, and an extensive trailer fleet.

ICS started working with TPN the week before Christmas, which proved an interesting and extremely busy start to its pallet network adventure. “We were taking in eight double-deck trailers a night and bringing the same out for delivery right off the bat,” says Hill. “The TPN team said they have never seen such high volumes from the first days of a new Member.”

The volume all came from new customers for ICS. Hill says: “I spent a week or two chatting to prospective customers and ringing contacts. We have a very good name in logistics and TPN offers a great service so it really didn’t take much for us to be running several full trailers. We expect our TPN work to grow but for the moment we’d like to bed the service in and make sure we are well practiced before we further expand our volumes.”

Hill says the network is every bit as good as he had expected. “The network is excellent,” he says. “TPN’s IT, Connect, is also very good. Our IT team examined it before we made our decision. Had we not had complete confidence in the network, we wouldn’t have joined. But it’s always nice to be proved right,” says Hill.

TPN MD Mark Duggan says: “Our membership proposition is now stronger than ever and this is attracting a wide and diverse number of transport companies who can see how TPN will enhance their customer offering.

“We are very selective about Members because, as well as the right geographical location, adequate resource and high operational standards, they have to be happy with our culture of collaboration, trust and teamwork. ICS Distribution is just such a company and we are delighted to welcome them to TPN,” says Duggan.

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