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Eezehaul drivers go out on bikes to learn how to share the road safely

Crawley-based TPN Member Eezehaul has been training its HGV and van drivers in cycle safety – by making them ride bikes for the day.

Its drivers have been spending their weekends out of their cabs and on road-bikes to get a better understanding of how cyclists behave and what they experience while on the road.

As part of Eezehaul’s ongoing commitment to road safety, all of their drivers undertake regular ‘Safe Urban Driving’ training which focuses understanding on how to share the roads safety with others, in particular vulnerable road users (VRUs). It gives first-hand experience of being a cyclist on busy UK roads, as well as classroom training on the ever-changing challenges and hazards of driving.

Eezehaul is a silver accredited member of the Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) created by Transport for London to recognise and reward the safest and best fleets on the road. As such its vehicles are specially adapted with audible warnings for road users and equipment which minimises blind spots. It also has a commitment to continual safety improvement.

HGV Driver, Jason Megson says: “Being both a lorry driver and a keen amateur cyclist, I was initially sceptical. But the course was great – really positive. We had a really fun morning out on the bikes, and those of us who don’t usually cycle really got some valuable insight into cyclists and their behaviour.”

He adds: “As a lorry driver we have to be professional and drive safely to prevent accidents including those caused by other road users, so any insight into how others are likely to react is essential.”

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