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The Pallet Network is an alliance of 130 individual and independent logistics depots around the UK. That means we have driver jobs available in every county and near every major town.

Our drivers have two main roles. The first type of driver, who will have a Category C licence, drives rigid vehicles doing local collections and deliveries. Although the job takes great driving and customer service skills, many drivers enjoy staying on their own patch, and getting to know repeat customers.

They'll typically do 25 deliveries in a shift, which is far less than the hundreds of parcels a typical van delivery driver has to manage.

Typically their hours will be 8am til 5pm, but hours can be reworked in order to allow drivers to do the school run before coming to work, for  example. 

The other type of driving role is trunk driving. This means driving an articulated HGV from the depot on an evening into our Minworth Hub. (We also have two regional Hubs which will be a lot closer to the depot.) Once at the Minworth Hub, drivers turn off their engines, can have a free hot meal on us, or enjoy the kitchen and relaxation facilities we provide. They can even take a shower.

Once their HGV has been unloaded and reloaded with deliveries for their depot, they drive home.

Although trunk drivers work at night, Monday to Friday, many drivers enjoy the quiet roads, the familiar journey and  having their days free to relax or be with family.

Driving can be a great career. Many people are more qualified to become and HGV driver than they realise. Bus, coach, van, minibus, horse box or school drivers all have excellent experience they can bring to the job. And although you need a special license qualification, many drivers can pass their practical test within one week.

Many of depots will provide licence acquisition training, as well as your ongoing health and safety and professional competence training. We invest in making you a professional and we protect you by teaching you the skills you need to check your vehicle is always roadworthy, your driving is super-safe and you know how to handle and be around vehicles and loads without causing yourself - or anyone else - injury.

Driving pays well at the moment, because drivers are in short supply. Many depots offer part-time and flexible shift patterns, job sharing or weekend work.

If you currently drive a large vehicle, or drive commercially in any way, why not see if you could make more money driving for TPN.

Whether it's your career for life, or a short term investment in your future, you'll become part of the TPN family - and you won't regret it.

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