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‘Literally life-saving’: TPN Member Direct Express Logistics praised for vital help

TPN member Direct Express Logistics Nottingham has received a wonderful letter from a customer, praising their team for ensuring vital deliveries necessary to build life-saving ventilators. 

Ben Senior and his team at manufacturer Specialist Engineering Plastics says: “Please could you share this message with your teams, especially those drivers and depot staff who continue to come to work each day.

“What you are doing is literally life-saving. You’ve made it possible for us to continue supplying companies manufacturing parts for vital pieces of equipment.

“Due to the critical situation with Covid-19, the market is completely screaming out for life-supporting ventilators. People are dying, and ventilators are needed to treat and save those people in a critical condition. We are supplying companies manufacturing parts for these vital pieces of equipment.

“Right now, our priority is to support the public health and do our part to save lives. Your delivery network is helping distribute our materials for the manufacture of those life-supporting ventilators, you are part of the world- wide action in fighting this pandemic.”

Direct Express Logistics says that it is extremely proud of its drivers, transport and warehouse teams, which like those of all other TPN Members have continued in their role as key-workers, to ensure that emergency and essential goods reach their destinations.

TPN MD Mark Duggan says: “We can’t praise these teams enough. They face each day with determination and selfless professionalism. We have as many safety protocols in place for them as we can, but that doesn’t take away from their bravery and dedication.”

The importance of the logistics industry has often been overlooked by the British public, who typically have little direct contact with it except for passing an HGV on the road. However, with the current focus on essential medical  supplies, rapidly-depleted supermarket shelves and life-saving manufacturing, the vital work of logistics managers and HGV drivers has been thrown into sharp relief. 

Mark Duggan says:  “We are proud to be helping to keep the British public and our NHS supplied with what they need.”

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