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Claude Hellowell keeps Yorkshire Air Ambulance aloft for one hour

Halifax-based Claude Hellowell will be making a sizeable donation to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, having won the monthly TPN Charity Drive.

Claude Hellowell general manager Chris Lord says his team frequently sees the service go overhead and, as a transport business, they are only too aware of the importance of the air ambulance in treating the victims of road collisions.

“Our accounts manager, Janet Mounsey, recently lost her father and chose Yorkshire Air Ambulance in tribute to him.  We’re in quite a rural area and we know only too well how often they help people or save lives,” he says.

“Yorkshire Air Ambulance needs £12,000 a day to run its two helicopters and it’s all funded from donations,” he says. “I know our £500 will only pay for an hour – but they might save someone’s life in that hour and you can’t put a price on that.”

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance is an independent charity providing a life-saving, rapid-response, emergency service to five million people across the whole of Yorkshire. The service is operational seven days a week, 365 days a year. The charity currently attends over 1,000 incidents a year, an average of four incidents every single day.   Last year they treated 1,067 patients at the scene and carried 599 of those to hospital for emergency treatment.

With the remaining portion of the prize money, Claude Hellowell has chosen to give £100 to each of five randomly selected staff members.

TPN is THE Pallet Network, made up of 125 independent transport depots around the UK. TPN MD Mark Duggan says of the TPN Charity Drive: “We are very proud of this initiative. Our network is made up of more than 100 of the best transport companies in the UK and all of them are very committed to working in their local communities and all have favourite charities they support.

“The TPN Charity Drive is a way we can work collectively to raise funds and awareness for charities, but still keep that local connection between our Members and the causes that matter to them,” he says.

One regional Member of the TPN network will be randomly chosen each month to receive the pot and donate at least £500 to a cause of their choice.

In 2018, the TPN Charity Drive has also funded a £700 donation to Leeds-based St George’s Crypt, a homelessness charity chosen by Leeds Parcel Company.

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