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Brake specialist Winnard trusts hundreds of pallets to Hallam Express using Connect

Commercial vehicle brake specialist Thos Winnard & Sons uses TPN Connect to manage its deliveries through trusted transport partner Hallam Express.

Winnard logistics manager John Matheson  says the company has a close relationship with Hallam Express and put 800 pallets through TPN in July alone. “They do a good job for us,” he says. “Hallam is very responsive to us and we’ve known the team there for a long time now.”

Winnard uses TPN Connect to input its pallet consignments, print its own barcodes and track its pallets through to electronic proof of delivery. “It’s a good system,” says Matheson, “We can use all the elements we want and turn off the options we don’t. For instance, we check ETAs if customers enquire but we don’t need real-time notifications going direct to our customers.” He says it is useful and important that the system has the flexibility to be tailored to each customer.

“60% of our work is in the UK and 40% is full loads sent abroad,” says Matheson. “Next-day and timed deliveries are vital because our customers run distress services and need to minimize the vehicle’s downtime. Very early morning deliveries are increasingly required particularly in London.”

The company chose Hallam three years ago to replace the 3PLs partners it had been using. “Hallam offered a competitive price with a promise of service which was equal to or better than we received before. And they have been very good.”

Like all companies, Winnard must balance cost against protecting its reputation and customer base from poor service. “You can’t separate price and service,” says Winnard director  Carl Jones. “Transport adds substantial cost to our product. If the price for transport is good, we can accept a lower service level – but only to a point. If you start to get delays, or loss, or damage, then price becomes secondary.”

Jones says that he also wants a transport supplier which keeps its own business healthy. “You can’t afford to take a service so cheap that your supplier can’t make a healthy profit and keep investing in a good service,” he says.

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