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Biggest TPN Member Meeting ever at Villa Park, celebrating 20 years of excellence

TPN – THE Pallet Network – hosted almost its entire Membership at the Aston Villa stadium to celebrate elite performance and 20 years of excellence. MD tells network to continue to ‘innovate, not imitate’.

Minworth, UK, 7 February 2020 | TPN – THE Pallet Network — has hosted almost its entire network at Villa Park stadium for its largest ever Member Meeting. Of TPN’s 100+ companies, 97 sent a total of 155 delegates to hear the network’s plans for 2020.

The meeting also celebrated Members’ elite performance and long-service status. 60% of the network has held TPN Membership for more than 10 years, and many Members have been with the network since its founding in 2000.

TPN MD Mark Duggan says: “The network has started the new decade in a great position, with a strong, stable and increasing membership base and customers who appreciate that we always put their needs first.”

The Villa Park meeting also celebrated one-fifth of the TPN network achieving elite performance levels, scoring 99+% on every KPI measure for every day of their 2019 operation.

Duggan says: “This is a fabulous, almost unbelievable, level of operation. Today was a real celebration of the Members’ successes.

“This is a difficult network in which to be outstanding because every Member scores in the high 90s for customer service KPIs. For such a large number of our depots to have virtually flawless operations is a huge accomplishment,” says Duggan. “This wasn’t achieved overnight, but is the result of years of collective ambition and dedication.  Our combined strategy is working.”

“It’s a testament to the strength of our network that so many of our Members wanted to come and participate in our workshop sessions.”

Duggan says the network’s success is due to its ethos of collaboration and its collective vision. “We believe in ‘the power of one’” he says. “No single member or indeed the Hub is more important than another. Our strength and our successes are all based on collaboration and mutual support.”

He says that although the UK economy has faced some uncertainty, for TPN it is business as usual. “TPN had a very strong year in 2019.  We are still the largest network by Member volume, the best network in terms of UK postcode coverage, and we are undoubtedly the best in terms of service levels.

“We tend not to be distracted by the marketing chatter around us. Our mission is to provide the most beneficial pallet network membership package – bar none. That means we must continue, as we have for the past four years, to innovate and not imitate.”

“In 2019 we grew our market share in an unpredictable marketplace. We’ve also proven that there are excellent logistics companies which are keen and very well equipped to join the pallet network sector – and they are choosing TPN.”

Recent signings to the network include Hambridge Transport, Big G Logistics and Toogood International. Like many of the 2019 signings, such as RT Page and Sons, these companies are well established logistics specialists looking to diversify their domestic services, and have excellent operations. New members have stated that the TPN onboarding process is excellent.

Members also welcomed the executive chairman of Eddie Stobart Logistics, William Stobart, who gave an informative and very well received address. He restated Eddie Stobart Logistics’ complete commitment to the network.

“TPN has always sold on and delivered excellence and we’ll continue to do so,” says Duggan. “The plans we shared with our network today focus, as always, on them – what their businesses need specific to the economic cycle, what their customers require and what will be required in the future.”

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