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2MV saves Hippo thousands on deliveries

Hippo is a premium waste collection service, offering a ‘portable skip’ facility through its heavy duty bags which are available to trade customers or through retail outlets such as B&Q or Wickes. Since moving its transport to Portsmouth-based 2MV Logistics and the TPN network Hippo has saved thousands in missed delivery fines.

Hippo sends a dozen pallets a week into the B&Q distribution centres. However, like many retailers, B&Q has strict delivery windows and charges financial penalties for missed deliveries or damage.

Hippo business solutions manager Andy Head says that the company’s previous transport supplier missed its delivery windows without warning eight times in one month, but refused to share the cost or take any responsibility.

“Since we chose 2MV Logistics 18 months ago we haven’t missed a single delivery slot,” he says. “I’m really pleased with them. Many companies promise you the world, but then don’t deliver, change price without telling you, and their people come and go. 2MV has done exactly as it promised.

“We don’t pay a premium price but it isn’t the cheapest service. However, I’d rather pay £10 or £12 a pallet more for a good service than save money upfront and be let down.”

Hippo would only need to miss its delivery or have a pallet damaged once every two months to lose more money than it could save from using a cheaper but less reliable transport company or network.

Hippo understands the discipline required in a quality transport operation because it is itself a transport supplier. Its collects full Hippo bags from anywhere in the UK, often working closely with construction or retail customers who use hundreds of bags a year. Its service is cheaper, easier and more flexible than skip collection, recycles 95% of waste collected and offers full environmental reporting.

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