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2MV Logistics is ‘totally trustworthy’

Havant-based Saacke Combustion Services makes and installs burners for boiler installations, and also maintains and upgrades boilers for its industrial clientèle.

The company sends out its pallets, which are needed by service teams the next day, through Portsmouth-based 2MV Logistics and TPN. The freight tends to be heavy, weighing up to half a tonne, and features expensive control panels and many ancillary components.

“The value of our goods range from £8,000 to well over £30,000 so all aspects of service are paramount,” says Saacke aftersales coordinator Mark Badger. “2MV is trustworthy, offers a good price and has a very good service team. I know exactly what I’ll get from them. Price is always important in transport but how the equipment is handled and reliability of service is crucial.”

He says the number of damage incidents is fewer than one per year, despite putting extensive amounts of freight through the pallet network and on dedicated loads. “We have a great working relationship with 2MV,” he says. “They have worked with me on improving our packaging and they take great care with our goods.”

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