Local drivers' jobs available wherever you live in the UK.

We have 130 depots and they are ALL recruiting.

Apply to us, and we'll try to match you with the best employment opportunity for you, in our network.

Great employee benefits. Competitive salaries, training, career progression, benefits packages.

Our trunk drivers even get a free hot meal at TPN every night.

Want a job or a career?

We need van drivers, anyone qualified to drive 7.5 tonne vehicles, and category C (rigid) or C+E (artic) drivers. If you’ve the will to learn, we can train you.

The Pallet Network Jobs

We work hard to keep you happy, healthy & supported.

Are you a van driver?

We have licence acquisition programmes. We could train you up to drive a Class 2 vehicle.

Have a class 2 licence?

If you already have your Class 2 licence, we can take you further.

Part-time & flexible shift patterns

If you’re looking for part-time work, or shifts that fit around family life, look no further!

Don't take our word for it.

Read some of our drivers’ stories here. We talk to newcomers, graduates, old
hands, and drivers who have moved on to other roles in the business.

TPN is THE Pallet Network

We have great opportunities for women, and ethnic minorities. You’re underrepresented in our driver workforce and we want to change that!

Who do we want? Van drivers, bus or coach drivers, or anyone with a clean motoring licence who’d like a better career, or anyone with a category C or C+E licence. There are various driver roles available including local collections and deliveries, and motorway trunking.

<strong>TPN</strong> is <strong>THE</strong> Pallet Network

We look after you!

Our depots value their drivers. We provide good kit, personal contact and support, teamwork.

If you drive for TPN, you are not just a number or an asset, but family.

What are you waiting for?

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We have 130 depots around the country. Individual Partner companies set their own pay and terms of service. TPN will put candidates in touch with their nearest recruiting depots, but candidates must negotiate their contract terms directly with the recruiting company.